We are an innovative surface engineering company pioneering inner-diameter HVOF technology located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Let Our Experience Speak For Itself

Spraywerx was founded by Alan Burgess who has 30 years of thermal spray gun and process development experience. As a laser cladding and thermal spray supplier and manufacturer in the surface engineering industry, our mission to provide state-of-the-art equipment to organizations around the world that need high-quality industrial production. Spraywerx’s key product line, the ID-Nova HVOF, represents a breakthrough for internal diameter HVOF coating devices, bringing together functionality, robustness, and reliability. This is further exemplified with the GTV product line that Spraywerx distributes in North America. Spraywerx prides itself on being the most innovative supplier and manufacturer for thermal spray, coatings, powders, and laser cladding equipment. Our team focuses on continuous improvement through product development with the customer needs in clear focus. Spraywerx’s latest development, the Mini-Nova system, is the latest development to facilitate inner diameters to below 3 inches (76 mm) enabling entirely new possibilities for ID-HVOF.


Companies that we work with

Collaboration is the foundation of technological advancement. Spraywerx currently partners with several different organizations and specialists in the surface engineering industry

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