Our Products

Here you can view out full line of products. Ranging from thermal spray to laser cladding, Spraywerx is here for all your Equipment needs!

Robust Industrial Tools

Industrial coating companies call for top-quality, durable tools to apply high-quality coatings in a cost-effective means. Our industrial coating equipment, thermal spray systems, and laser cladding products are designed with the industrial user in mind.


A breakthrough in Internal Diameter HVOF spray gun devices, the ID-NOVA is designed for internal diameters 102mm (4.0 inches) and greater. Capable of power levels to 100 kW, the ID-Nova is a proven technology for high quality tungsten carbide coatings and hard to melt materials such as chrome carbide and suspension HVOF ceramics.

Thermal Spray

We offer the full range of industrial coating equipment and HVOF thermal spray coating systems including the K2 HVOF, Plasma, Powder Flame Spray, Wire Flame Spray, and Wire Arc spray systems. These cost-effective tools provide the robust, proven technology essential for today’s industrial coating provider. Learn more today!

Laser Cladding

We offer a variety of laser systems ranging from 2 kW to 22 kW. Turnkey High-Speed Laser Cladding systems provide state-of-the-art coatings with the properties of laser cladding and the industrial coating production speeds of thermal spray.

Powder Feeders

High quality powder feeding is critical for consistent, high quality thermal spray and laser cladding operations. Spraywerx offers the full line of industry leading GTV powder feeders to meet this mission.


Our powders produce high quality coatings with high deposit efficiency to reduce overall costs for wear and corrosion resistance applications. Full range of powders for standard HVOF, Plasma and laser Cladding are available.

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