The ID NOVA technology combines equipment and know-how to produce high quality HVOF coatings onto internal surfaces with high deposition efficiencies. Learn more about the Spraywerx ID-NOVA technology by getting closer look at the products below. See how this technology can be adapted to your facility.

Technology to Enable Technology

Spraywerx offers a suite of products centered around ID-Nova Technology. The ID-Nova HVOF coating system represents a breakthrough for internal diameter HVOF thermal spray guns and internal coating applications. They bring together functionality, robustness, and reliability to the process. New business opportunities can be realized with the ID-Nova capability for new applications onto internal surfaces.

Although the ID-Nova HVOF can be operated on many existing controllers, SprayWerx provides customized controllers to provide optimum performance for the ID-Nova and Mini-Nova HVOF thermal spray guns.


The ID NOVA and ID NOVA MINI are both cost effective tools to produce effective HVOF quality coatings to internal surfaces at high feed rates and deposition efficiency. Learn more about the Spraywerx NOVA by getting  cloaser look at the products below. See how this technology can be adapted to your facility.


A breakthrough in thermal spray gun devices, the ID-NOVA HVOF spray and coating equipment is designed specifically for internal diameters of 102 mm (4.0 inches) and greater. Capable of power levels to 99 kW, the ID-Nova is a proven technology for high-quality tungsten carbides coatings and hard-to-melt materials such as chrome carbides and suspension HVOF ceramics.

ID Mini Nova

This smaller version of ID-Nova is capable of diameters down to 2.5” (63.5 mm). Power levels to 72kW allows for high quality coatings. Axial injection provides high deposition efficiencies in excess of 70% for tungsten carbide/cobalt/chrome.

Compact Controller

Computerized system with HMI and gas mass flow controllers. Incorporates all the capabilities required for operation of ID-Nova and Mini-Nova with safety interlocks for safe and reliable operation in a production environment. This controller is extremely versatile and can be customized to customer requirements.

H2V Controller

Manual controller with high pressure dial gauge variable area flow meters. This high pressure analog controller provides the required functionality for the ID-Nova and Mini-Nova spray guns with along with warm spray capability. Sold with water safety interlock system and optional water management system.

Part Handling Equipment

The production of high quality inner diameter HVOF coatings requires suitable part handling and supporting equipment. This includes spray lathes and turntables with internal extraction to remove heat and overspray from the process. Contact a Spraywerx representative for further details on what would work best for your application.

Need ID-NOVA HVOF Parts?

We offer a range of ID-NOVA HVOF spray and coating equipment designed to help streamline your process and make your products better. Whether it’s a new thermal spray gun or new power levels, our team at Spraywerx will continue to push the limits and develop new groundbreaking innovations within the surface engineering industry.


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