Spraywerx specializes in powders for HVOF thermal spray applications and surface coating systems. We offer only the highest quality powders for your thermal spray requirements and each powder is customized for optimum performance in terms of deposit efficiency, porosity, and hardness.

High Quality Powders for Feeders

It’s important to have the best quality material for your equipment, as it prevents breakage. That is why Spraywerx offers only the highest quality powders for your surface coating systems and HVOF thermal spray equipment. Our powders come in a wide variety, so they’ll be perfect for any industrial project you’re working on. All of our powders have been proven effective through various research testing, and are cutting-edge. Don’t settle for a product that will only make your job slower. Request a quote today.

POWDERS Details & Specs

Our surface coating powders are customized for the ID-Nova and Mini-Nova HVOF torches. Materials are also available in sizes suitable for laser cladding and thermal spray.

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Spraywerx offers a wide range of HVOF thermal spray powders through our partner Network.

Need Powder Feeder Spare Parts?

At Spraywerx, we know your equipment won’t last forever, which is why we offer a variety of cost-effective spare parts. Our fast-shipping options make it easy for you to get the parts you need without long waits and costly downtime.

Companies that we work with

Due to our cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, we work with many partners. We at Spraywerx believe in success through collaboration, which is why our partners come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of skills.

Still Have Questions?

Spraywerx has powders for laser cladding and traditional thermal spray guns. These are in addition to our ID-HVOF special cuts. What do you need?