From the high-powered K2 HVOF to plasma spray and flame spray, Spraywerx has the thermal spray coating equipment and products to meet all your production needs. Spraywerx is GTV North American distributor for the full range of GTV thermal spray products. See production-proven GTV equipment spanning HVOF, Plasma, Arc Wire, and custom turnkey spray cells.

Thermal Spray Equipment

Spraywerx offers a full range of products through its international partners. Our thermal spray coating equipment spans HVOF, Plasma, Powders, Arc Wire, sensors, and customized solutions through turnkey spray cells. Spraywerx offers numerous other options for plasma. Contact us today for more information.

Turn-Key Systems

In collaboration with GTV , Spraywerx provides thermal spray and laser cladding production cells. See the history in the brochure.

GTV Turnkey Systems

  • With 30 years experience and more than 200 turn-key coating centres worldwide, GTV has the familiarity to deliver complete turn-key systems at a fixed price on a fixed date. Turnkey systems are pre-assembled and tested in the new GTV Commissioning Hall.

Everything from one source means:

  • Absolute certainty for the customer.
  • No unforeseen surprises
  • Comprehensive support by experienced GTV  and Spraywerx technicians, engineers and researchers.


Kerosene fueled HVOF from GTV

With over 100 satisfied customers, the GTV K2 HVOF has evolved into the premier kerosene fuel HVOF system in Europe with several high profile customers in North America.  The current K2 is a 3rd generation system based on over 15 years of customer feedback. The K2 incorporates several design enhancements that translates into the production of high quality coatings at lower operating costs and increased reliability. These benefits set the K2 apart from other HVOF torches and provides a tool to be an industry leader in terms of quality and cost.

Delta Gun

3 anode plasma gun from GTV to provide enhanced arc stability

The novel GTV DELTA plasma torch realizes the advantage of multi electrode plasma with a 3 anode torch system. One single stable arc enables the combination of triple radial powder injection applying feed rates of 300 g/min. Combined with high deposition efficiency, process time is reduced up to 60% from that of traditional single electrode plasma systems.

Powder Flame Spray

Quality cost effective flame spray guns including: 5PII, 6PII, Variobond, Uni Spray Jet, Mini Spray Jet

Powder flame spraying systems are simple devices using low pressure fuel gas and oxygen. GTV uses model 5PII and 6PII powder flame spray torches in addition to entire range of UTP torches including Variobond, Uni Spray Jet and Mini Spray Jet systems.

Sparc 400

High Velocity wire arc system

Arc spraying has the advantage of low initial investment with economical coating solutions for metallic coatings. GTV SPARC 400 system with inverter power supplies is combined with the SHARK push/pull technology for wire feeding with exceptional process stability to produce high quality coatings.

Compact Controller

Compact controller for plasma and HVOF

The GTV compact controller unit is a versatile, mobile controller with closed loop control and mass flow control of the gases. The controller can be adapted for the following thermal spray processes: HVOF (ID Nova, DJ, Jet Kote), Plasma (P2, 3MB, 9MB, F4/F6, SG100), wire and powder flame spray.

Plasma Systems

GTV turnkey plasma systems facilitate the use of a variety of plasma guns (F4, F6, Delta, Penta, Six-XT, other) based on customer production requirements. Turnkey systems are designed around a Siemens S7 controller with user friendly HMI. All peripheral components can be controlled centrally via sub-menus using Profinet communication. Each GTV plasma system is designed according to customer requirements and specifications.

Plasma Torches

F4, F6, Delta, Penta and  Six-XT plasma torches offer a range of production capabilities.

Wire Flame Spray

Model 11E, 12E, 15E as well as 7K wire thermal spray torches which is an Advancement of the 5K model.

Wire flame spraying systems are characterized by their relatively simple configuration. GTV uses model 11E, 12E, 15E as well as 7K wire thermal spray torches.

Rotating Single Wire


The RSW process is used to apply iron based coatings onto the inner diameter of aluminum cylinders. This technology was developed for automotive cylinder liners and has application to other industries.

GTV Suspension Feeder

Suspension feeder for use in liquid suspension spraying

Suspension spraying is increasingly being adapted to industrial applications primarily for ceramics.

GTV’s suspension feeder is a pressure based system and has successfully tested for an automotive application.

Need GTV Thermal Spray Spare Parts?

Spraywerx provides spare parts for all Spraywerx and GTV torches, but also all other standard thermal spray coating equipment such as HVOF, plasma, and flame torches (Metco, UTP, PT, Miller), as well as for the powder feed systems model PT Twin, Miller 1264, Mark XI up to Mark XV. What do you need?

Companies that we work with

We’re grateful to work with partner companies who strive for the highest quality in their products. Our partners help us produce cost-effective thermal spray equipment for our clients, allowing them to get the job done. We partner with amazing companies around the world to make sure we cover distribution to all areas. Our partners help make our technology the best it can be.

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