Spraywerx Technologies is a leader in the surface engineering industry, providing innovative solutions to companies across the world. Warm spray technology is offered with our ID-Nova and Mini-Nova spray guns. Read on to gain a better understanding of the benefits and application of the warm spray coating process.


Warm spray is the addition of non-reactive gases such as nitrogen or argon into hvof processes to reduce temperature and increase velocity.  Warm spray can be used to  enhance coating properties by decreasing porosity and oxide content in metal coatings. The technique of adding ‘inert gas”  to the combustion stream cause an increase in the number of gas molecules which increases the gas velocity for a given temperature. This provides the engineer another parameter to enhance coating properties. Warm spraying is a innovative process to  increase the lifespan of components or repair damaged parts.

A High-Velocity Application Process

The warm spray process begins by preparing the surface to a rough texture, which allows the coating to adhere to the substrate. The coating particles are heated to a molten or semi-molten state and then applied to the surface through high-velocity acceleration. This process, which combines heat and velocity, allows the particles to flatten on the surface and merge with each other for a unified layer. The coating can then be finished with a honing or grinding process, which gives the surface a mirror-like appearance.

This efficient surface coating process is an ideal solution for many production needs. Spraywerx offers ID-Nova HVOF technology  to utilize warm spray and is backed by over 30 years of industry experience. Spraywerx continues to provide innovative solutions to a variety of organizations throughout the world. For all of your surface engineering needs, contact Spraywerx today.

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